A.C.T. Social is one of the first Danish transparent fashion brads to commit to reducing the fashion industry's environmental footprint.  For this reason, we appreciate the work of like-minded companies and creatives, that is why we’re happy to announce our latest collaboration with Aiasound Festival, one of the biggest sustainable festivals in the Nordics. 


About the festival

Aiasound Festival is a new 3-days Copenhagen-based festival. The festival takes place in Tiøren, where the unmatched energy of Copenhagen comes alive and the attendees have the opportunity to experience the Scandinavian summer vibe with mainstream music of local and international performers. 

The ambition is to offer a unique experience and be the most sustainable festival of the Nordics at the same time.  


‘A festival for the people,
A festival for Scandinavia, 
A festival for the future.’ 


Aiasound’s vision is to work with the right companies that share a common goal: to create a fantastic festival experience both for the guests and the climate. A.C.T. Social is honoured to be one of these companies, and contributing to the future vision of Aiasound in becoming a local, as well as an international festival with the most sustainable and green mindset. 


Festival 2021

In the year 2021 the festival had its first year under the name of ØreSound Festival, the concept was the same: good time, music with sustainable mindset. After a successful first year, the festival changed into a more international name AiaSound. 

The new name symbolises the music and unfoldment of the creative soul.

Aiasound had to face the challenges of the pandemic the past year, however the festival of 2022 is all about the late nights and good vibes with no rules, just the fun. 


Read more about the festival and the artists here.