AiaSound Festival and A.C.T. Social shares the same vision about a more sustainable future.  Teaming up with the festival and creating their merch was a special experience for us. The designs match the vibe of the festival but it’s still true to A.C.T. Social, therefore all the materials used are GOTS certified and made out of organic cotton. 


About the collection

As part of the limited edition merch collection, 300 T-shirts, Hoodies and Caps were designed and produced. All items were designed in Copenhagen, and made in one of the top factories in Portugal. 

The goal was to create something of a high quality, that can be a long-term memory for the festival attendees, but can be worn afterwards as well. That is why the designs are simple, yet have a unique touch to it. 


Material use

At A.C.T. Social using the right material is essential, therefore we kept the same mindset with this limited edition collection as well. 

All items were made with organic cotton, using the original colour of the raw cotton.

Special thing about organic cotton is that it requires far less water than non-organic cotton, and another advantage of the fabric is that it is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Not only is organic cotton better for the environment than the conventional kind, it is also better for humans. Everyone from the people who collect cotton in the fields and production workers in the factories for you as a consumer benefits from an organic cotton production that is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

By using the raw colour of the cotton, we avoid further chemical pollution and unnecessary clothing dying. 

When it comes to being a conscious fashion consumer it is not only about buying sustainable clothing, but to actually take good care of the pieces. Organic cotton needs a gentle treatment, so it is important not to wash it on a high temperature and avoid tumble drying. 


The designs

Coming with a limited edition always takes time, in the process the designer has to work closely together with more participants, and the goal is to get a result that everyone envisioned.

The items carry the logo of AiaSound Festival and A.C.T. Social, and the lines ‘Late nights, Good vibes’. Another unique touch to the design is the numbering on the sleeve hem. Each item is numbered so there’s no two exact same pieces out there. 

The fit

The items are designed to be a good fit for everybody. Both the AIA Hoodie and the SOUND T-shirt has a bit of an oversized, boxy fit, which makes it stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

We’re proud of this special collaboration with AiaSound and looking forward to all festival attendees enjoying the festival in A.C.T. Social & AiaSound!