At A.C.T. Social with our innovative way of thinking and running a fashion company, our mission is to change the way people think, consume and act. In this way, we aim to meet today's needs without compromising the conditions of future generations. 


Having a sustainable mindset is not only important for us, but it is essential for the future generations as well. Finding companies and individuals that think the same way, gives us hope for a better future. That is one of many reasons why we are proud to collaborate with AiaSound Festival. 

Aiasound is one of the biggest sustainable festivals in the Nordic. Read more about the collaboration here.  


A sustainable act, for the future 

AiaSound is a festival that strives to become the most sustainable festival of the Nordic region. In order to achieve this goal, the festival has to stick to a strong game plan with clear goals, and work together with the right partners who share the same values and have a green mindset. 

Another important point for AiaSound is to be transparent, and communicate all information towards the attendees about its sustainable performance. This is a very unique and innovative approach, which plays an essential role in creating a better future. Read more about their sustainable performance on AiaSound’s website


Go for the local choice 

AiaSound is a festival where every contributor and collaborators are based in Denmark, or even more closely in Copenhagen, just like us at A.C.T. Social. 

Working together with these local companies is highly good for the environment as it reduces the fright for any goods. Moreover it is a great opportunity to showcase local brands, companies, even small businesses, this way they gain recognition and the festival attendees can be in their own comfortable environment. 


The waste sorting 

One of the main concerns that most people have when it comes to festivals is the waste left behind. AiaSound has an ambition of sorting the waste into 10 different fractions and is devoted to giving a further life for as many as possible. This is a very interesting and unique approach to festival planning and organising. 


A sustainable collaboration 

We at A.C.T. Social are proud to provide Aia Sound Festival with all merch items that are produced with a sustainable approach and high quality.